Smart Tips For Home Design

Smart Tips For Home Design

It’s time to throw the old rulebook out the window. In creating smart home design, you don’t really need a textbook. If you follow the rule strictly, then the design will not represent your preference. That’s why it’s better to choose design that you really like and you won’t get bored looking at it for years ahead. So here are simple tricks to make your home design decorating looks stunning and feel cozy:

Your home’s height is low? Fake it with low furniture

You don’t need to rebuild your house just because the ceiling isn’t high. You can fake the height by placing low furniture in your house. It’s best to avoid horizontal and create string vertical instead. You can also place large mirror to manipulate the interior to look larger and taller.

Make your own color scheme

You can choose basic color scheme for every room in your house. You can make different color scheme for every room. However, you can make a certain theme for the whole house even with different color scheme. Creating the pallete can be one of the most fun to do.

Make your window looks more stunning

Windows are often forgotten in home design that it ends up look way too boring. Hence, you can give the window trims a splash of color. Paint them with your favorite color to match the environment or the overall ambience. Then, it will blend in with the landscape outside the window.

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Try mirrored-panels to to make the room looks elegant

Mirrored-panels with sectioned pattern will make your living room looks brighter and larger. Besides, it looks more elegant that you don’t even need luxurious curtains.

Those are smart tricks to make your home design looks larger and more stunning without doing big changes. You can make your own experiement to meet your preference.

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