Small House Floor Plans

Small House Floor Plans

Building small house needs to be detailed and careful since space is the main issue. Maximizing your small house floor plans might not be easy but it’s not impossible to do. If you know the right tricks to optimize your small floor plans then you can live in comfortable house. You may cannot make tiny room to become bigger but you can manipulate the environment so the vibe is still comfortable and not make you feel suffocated.

Check out these tricks:

  • Walls, block, and other types of barries should be avoided. Open-space concept is the best for tiny house. You can make different rooms in the same area. For example, there is no blocks between living room, dining room, and kitchen. Thus, the space looks bigger.
  • Utilize the space under the stairs to make it more functional to use for your needs. If you build tiny house with two story design, there must be an empty area beneath the stairs. Instead of ignoring it, it’s better to turn it into private library. There you can put your favorite books to read.
  • To help circulating system for your small house floor plans, it’s better to use sliding glass door. Thus, the room inside will have more space to breathe. Regular door usually takes up the space and make the circulation blocked instead.
  • Place large mirrors in a room that you’d like it to look bigger. Mirrors can help to double up the appearance of the room and fake the space.
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Building a small house can be quite challenging since there is not much space to design or set as your wish. With the right small house floor plans, you can optimize the potential of every inch of the space. Explore your creative ideas to manipulate tiny looks to become more spacious.

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