How To Decorate Cozy Bedroom Design

How To Decorate Cozy Bedroom Design

m is area for sleep in a house. It’s important part of a house which typically contains bed, closet, lamp, and sometimes a dresser. Bedroom is the most private spot in a house unlike living room or dining room. A bedroom is personal that it should be designed according to personal preference. No matter what style used for a bedroom, the concept and functionality remain the same.

From time to time, bedroom changes. In the past, people only used mattress stuffed with straw. It then changed when people started to stuff it with feathers. In the past, people tend to sleep on the floor. Today, variety of mattress has become wider. Choosing a bed for bedroom is critical. However, bedroom is not only about mattress. To design cozy bedroom, you need all important elements.

Tips to design a cozy bedroom that suits your needs and style

  • The very first element to be considered about is mattress or you can call it bed. Choosing mattress is not only about design but also comfort. You need to choose mattress that fits your needs. Mattress is varied by size, type, and style. Choosing the most suitable one to your preference may take time. However, choosing the right one is important since you are the one who are going to use it anyway. If you choose something that doesn’t fit your needs then the quality of your sleeping might be less. Furthermore, just take your time and do research to choose the best one according to your needs, style, and budget.
  • After choosing mattress now it’s time to pick the bedding. Sheets, pillows, blanket and comforters are included into bedding category. It’s important to choose soft sheet for comfortable sleeping. Meanwhile, choosing blanket can be varied by the season. On summer, you may prefer thin blanket while the thick one is good for winter. If you want to make your bedroom look more attractive, it’s better to choose well-designed bedding. It can help improving the interior design and enhance the concept you’re trying to apply for the bedroom.  
  • Next is to choose the right headboard, or you can call it the frame. Headboard is varied by size, material, and style. You can choose upholstered headboard if you are the type of person who likes reading a book while leaning on. Headboard can also function to reduce cold air from the walls. The cold air is blocked by headboard so it’s reflected to the floor. You can stay warm all night long.
  • When you talk about cozy bedroom then lighting plays major role in setting the mood. Too little lighting is as bad as too much lighting. Thus, creating proportional lighting is a must. You cannot set the same lighting setting for bedroom with other rooms. For comfortable bedroom, soft lighting is recommended. It’s better to choose lamp with wide shade and taller base. It will help to ensure the light to fall exactly as where it’s needed.
  • Don’t let the window lonely. Improve the look of your bedroom as well as its functionality by paying more attention to small detail like window. Dress the windows with suitable drapes. If you want a classy look to your bedroom, choose heavy fabric- drapes with bold color. If you want simple decoration, choose light drapes with transparent tone. Drapes can help setting the mood of bedroom as well. If you want minimal lighting, choose drapes in dark color and hue. It can help supporting your sleeping preference as well.
  • Pop up your favorite color to your most private room. The choice of color can set significant change of mood to your bedroom. If you want simple, clean, and elegant bedroom, choose neutral palette with minimal dark hue. The color palette for bedroom is supposed to be soothing. That’s why neutral palette is always be the best opt. Gray, pale blue, taupes, and other soft colors can enhance the level of comfort. Your sleeping quality will increase then.
  • If your bedroom is small, it’s better to minimize the use of furnitures. Too many furnitures will only make your room look too stuffy. Hence, choose the most needed furnitures which match the style of bedroom interior design as well. If your bedroom still have space for additional furniture, you may add your favorites. Side lamp, dresser, chair, table, or maybe a small bookshelf can provide happiness to you.

Types of bedroom based on its owner

In a house, there is usually at least one bedroom. However, the larger the house, the more bedroom is provided for different user.

  • Master bedroom is typically designed to be the largest bedroom in a house. The one who uses it is the master of the house. The interior design is usually created by adopting modern style added with luxurious environment.
  • Guest bedroom is designed when you don’t want your bedroom to be borrowed by others. When a guest come, you can comfortably lend this room.
  • Children bedroom is designed for kids. The room is typically made with bright color and cheerful theme. The environment of children bedroom is typically set by their favorites. The size is adjusted to their age and how many person uses the bedroom.
  • Girls and boys bedroom are different. The theme and general environment are totally contrast. Girls bedroom typically uses light and bright color such as purple or pink. Meanwhile, boys bedroom use neutral color with certain theme like sports, advanced technology, etc.
  • Multi-purpose bedroom is designed to provide function more than for sleeping. Sometimes, people design their bedroom to be as their home office or study room as well so they can work or study in more private room.

There are many style of bedroom that you can choose as your favorite. Certain theme or design can help improving your mood. Thus, choose a style that fits your needs and taste to make your bedroom become the most  comfortable spot for sleeping, relaxing, reading and other activities you like.

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