Everything You Need To Designate Comfortable Living Room

Everything You Need To Designate Comfortable Living Room

Living room is often called as lounge room as well. In the past, living room was used for formal occasion. For example, when there was someone who recently deceased, the event was laid out before the funeral in the living room. Today, it’s the place where you can relax and socialize with others in casual and comfortable environment. The location can be at the front of the house. However, there is no certain rule about living room location since it depends on each homeowner’s preference. Living room not only play role as cozy spot for family members. It’s also often used as reception room to welcome guests.  

Before personalizing your living room, you need to know the basic when it comes to planning a living room design. Here they are:

  • Take a closer look at living room’s functionality. Most of homeowners think about latest or modern design, which means they only concern on how the living room will look. However, deciding design or style for your living room should be based on its functionality first. It’s priority so you need to analyze your own needs and life style. If you have kids at home then you need a less vulnerable design. Kids like to roam around so you need to ensure that everything in the living room will be safe for them.
  • Next is choosing the style that suits your taste. There are many designs and styles available for you to choose. You can choose by your own preference so your living room will show what you like and interest. If you want clean line and simple look, you can choose modern style. If you want to be more family-friendly, contemporary style may suit you. Or, you can also choose rustic style to give off unique environment. When you decide the style, everything needed to complement will follow.
  • Invest only the best. Furnitures are surely needed to create a cozy living room. However, ensure that each furniture fits your style and needs. Since you have decided the style, you can easily pick furnitures that will suit with it. However, remember to invest in the best one. It’s just fine to spend your money to purchase quality sofa. It will be a great investment. Living room is the place where many individuals gather around. Giving your best to make it as the most valuable spot is a must. Choose the rize color, size, and fabric with care.

You have known the basics. Now let’s move on to the next steps. To make your living room become more personalized and unique, you need to add decorative touches. Your living room will look different than another. Let’s take a look at some inspiration:

  • Don’t let the windows empty but dress them with quality drapes to optimize the look. Drapes also help to maximize the height of the room to become taller than it is if you choose the right one. By choosing drapes suitable with the overall interior design, you can create elegant and clean look.
  • Your wall is too plain? You can make empty wall as the focal point by creating gallery of frames. Choose one area of the wall to create gallery. If you don’t like to show off your charms through photos, you can hang an oversized mirror. Hanging large mirror will help improving the lighting as well as manipulate the space to look larger.
  • Placement plays significant role to the interior design of living room. Thus, make sure that you place everything in the right place. You need to ensure that the traffic flow is smooth enough to make everyone entering the room feel free to roam around without crashing and hitting furnitures.
  • Pick the right color to optimize the look of the living room. If your living room is small, choose light color or neutral palette. If your living room is large and neutral palette makes it look too plain then add darker hues to some points. You can also choose wallpapers if you want but it’s important to choose the right one. Choose wallpaper with neutral theme so the living room still looks simple and elegant.

What kind of living room do you want? Choose your own favorite style!

  • Modern style – This is what you call trendy design. The characteristics of modern style living room include clean lines, open floor plan, bold accent color, simple look, metal furnitures preferred, wall bookcase, oversized tiles, etc. The concept of modern is clean and elegant. Even the wires and chords are hidden to avoid distraction. The overall look should be less distractive for the viewers.
  • Contemporary style – This is oftenly mistaken as modern style. However, they are different styles. While modern has fixed characteristics, contemporary keeps changing. Contemporary style can have characteristics borrowed from other styles. It has flexible style that changes over time. It can be the combination of traditional and modern style. The point is, contemporary style tends to be architecturally enhanced and twisted in its forms.
  • Traditional style – In traditional style living room, you can find lavish furnitures, frame wall decorations, heavy fabric curtains, warm colors choice, soft curves, etc. Wood carving can be found as well in the furnitures. Vases, pillows, rugs are also found in traditional living room. The environment is warm. The door, windows, and walls typically have molding trimming.

Living room is considered as most public space in your house. That’s why most homeowners pay extra attention in setting decoration, interior design, furniture choice, etc. You welcome the guest, cuddle with your spouse, or entertain with the family, all is done in the living room. Lots of formal and casual occasion happen in the living room. No wonder that designing cozy living room has become important issue for every homeowner. The basic needs for comfortable living room are sofa, rug, coffee table, and additional items to add its charm. However, adding some details to complement the look can make significant change for the better.

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