Defining Perfect Interior Design For Bathroom

Defining Perfect Interior Design For Bathroom

Bathroom doesn’t appear to be the major part of house. However, it plays important role for the functional side. Bathroom is the place where you can after cleanliness and refresh your mind. Most bathroom is designed in small size. However, a bathroom in your house should define luxury and comfort at the same time. Bathroom requires basic items to complete its function such as faucet, sink, toilets, racks, etc. To define luxurious design, you need more than basic items. You will need mirror, bidets, bin, fashionable shelf, etc.

Even though bathroom is not the most public space in a house, it plays major role in providing comfort. That’s why its interior design should be planned with care. Here are what you need to do to create perfect interior design for your bathroom.

  • If you demand for luxurious bathroom, you need to provide larger space. Spacious bathroom provides more comfort. Besides, it is easier to decorate the interior design if the space is large enough. You can place unique and necessary items in the bathroom to add details. If you don’t have enough space to make the bathroom looks large, apply minimalist or modern interior design to manipulate the look.
  • Installing large window for perfect view may be unusual but it’s a great idea to let the bathroom have open-space concept. It’s often considered as the most private place that most bathroom is designed with closed-space concept. If you are living in a place with great view, why not trying to install large window in the bathroom. It gives off luxurious and spacious feeling.
  • The wall of your bathroom is important. For contemporary or industrial design, bricks and tiles are used for the wall. For modern concept, marble walls are preferred since they provide luxurious and clean environment to the bathroom. You can also add textured wallpaper in one area of the walls. It can be the focal point of the bathroom.
  • Set the lighting properly. Soft lighting is not suitable for bathroom. While you’re in bathroom, you need to make sure that you wash your hands properly or wash your face thoroughly. With poor lighting, you can’t do it. Hence, optimum lighting is needed for the bathroom. Choose the right lamp so the light can fall into the place where it’s needed.
  • Place oversized mirror in the bathroom to make it look grander and larger. Oversized mirror can also function as natural lighting during the day. It can reflect the light so the room looks brighter without the needs of switching on the lamp. Ornate mirror is a good option since it can help improving the interior design of your bathroom without making it looks too crowded.
  • Choose furnitures based on your needs and taste. Choosing bin, sink, towel racks, etc should be done carefully. If you have certain concept in mind, the choice of furnitures should be synchronized. For example, when you choose modern interior design for the bathroom then you should pick furnitures with clean and simple lines.
  • Don’t be afraid to look unique and different. If you want to have bathroom with bold and personalized style, you can try mix something up to get contrast result. For example, you may apply shiny floor tiles combined with monochrome rug. The standard of comfortable bathroom is yours. Thus, do what you want to make the bathroom as comfortable as you expected.
  • Choose the right tub for your bathroom. If you want luxurious look for the bathroom, you may choose freestanding tub. The design of freestanding tub is space-efficient. It’s suitable for not-so-large bathroom. If you want to look unique and unusual, try sunken tub. It’s the best choice to feature modern and luxurious feel to the bathroom.
  • Sink choice is also important to create perfect interior design for the bathroom. For modern style, oval sink is the perfect option. In the matter of its functionality, oval sink offers more counter space. Thus, it’s more comfortable to use oval sink than the square one. In addition, oval sink is safer since it doesn’t have sharp edges.

Creating perfect interior design for bathroom to look luxurious and spacious can be done by considering several steps above. However, maintaining your bathroom is important as well. You must want to keep the bathroom fresh and clean longer so it can be used comfortabley. So here are some ways to maintain the bathroom to keept it fresh and clean.

  • To minimize moisture the walls or shower curtain, you may try to coat shower walls and doors with water repellent. It can help keeping the room clean because it has ability to dissipate soap scum, water, as well as minerals. Or, you also place a squeegee in the bathroom so you can wipe down the walls and other parts  after bathing. It can help to avoud mildew stain and the growth of bacteria. Remember that bacteria loves living in wet place.
  • Choose the right soap to make you and your bathroom stay clean. It is often that bar soap makes the sink and countertops looks dirty. That’s why it’s better to choose liquid soap since it is more practical. It doesn’t leave stain to the sink or countertops as well.
  • Add towel bars in the bathroom to let the towel dry after use. It can also help to make the overall look tidier. A towel bar has more function than you thought. However, you may try to install hooks to hang the towel easier if you don’t have enough space to install towel bars.
  • Clean the bathroom regularly using bleach. You can do it twice a month. It can help cleansing soap scum, mildew, and water minerals easier. If you don’t clean it regularly, the bacteria will keep growing that it risks to give you some diseases.

Those are tips to create perfect interior design for bathroom as well as the ways how to maintain cleanliness and comfort of it. Now it’s time for you to apply the tips to your bathroom.

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