Creating Seamless Flow For Exterior And Interior Design

Creating Seamless Flow For Exterior And Interior Design

Speaking of living space, two main elements are exterior and interior. Generally, architecture has 3 basic elements, they are the floor, the ceiling, and the walls. When the three elements combined, they create interior space. Meanwhile, exterior includes skin, roof, and othe foundational elements.  Interior is a space limited with visual barriers. Meanwhile most of barriers removed or rather non-existant. Volume of spaces can distinguish both of them.

No matter how you define and distinguish the two of them, both are important elements for achitecture. When you build a new house, you will think of the environment. For interior, the environment is more controllable than exterior. To apply both of them is required different skill set and mindset. However, none of them is easier than another. Planning is the key to get ideal interior and exterior design.

Exterior Design

Creating ideal design for the exterior is not easy. There is complicated process in choosing color, materials, measuring lines and shape, etc. Having a spectacular home must be exciting. A perfect home that blends well with its surrounding is the best. However, creating appealing exterior design requires much effort. You must know the rules to create ideal exterior design.  So let’s get started with exterior topic that you can learn about.

  • Begin your starting point by determining the purpose of the building. Each part of the house you’re building should be considered by their function. Considering all your family members need while thinking of function is a must. When you determine the function, forms will just follow. Thus, the first thing to consider is the function then the form, not vice versa.
  • Create well-designed place by balancing the shapes with symmetry. Proportional measurement of both elements will result in appealing design. Balancing the shape with symmetry is not needed for one element but the overall factors.
  • There are many choices of materials as well as textures. It may give you headache just to think about it. However, choosing quality materials is a must if you want your home to be durable. Once you make a mistake, it can cause to excessive spending. Hence, choose wisely the materials and textures. It’s better if you choose them in balance between durability and aesthetics value.
  • To create well-designed exterior, you need to consider the choice of color as well. If you want to play safe, choose two shades or hints from single color. Being playful to combine lighter and darker hints is fun. Choose color that you like the most. The choice of color can also contribute in setting the mood of the exterior design. Hence, color choice does matter.
  • Choosing roof, door and window can be fun yet challenging. Choosing durable roof is more important than its look. There are different options for the roof material such as wood, slate, asphalt, etc. Choose the one that offers durability and cost-saving. Choosing the right door and window is also challenging. Aside from their functionality, aesthetic value of them is also important. They can represent who you are and what your interest is.
  • Make the exterior look stunning by setting the landscape properly and greatly. You can do it by placing one of a kind plants. It is also important to brighten up your home. Don’t forget to set proper lighting for the exterior. You may choose lantern, chandelier, or steel lights for exterior lighting.

Interior Design

After planning the exterior design, it’s time to move into next topic, interior design. Don’t think that setting interior design is easier than exterior. Both have different challenges and need thorough plans. Following elements and principles may help but developing your creativity is important as well. What you need to know in creating ideal and perfect interior design? Let’s check these out!

  • The first element in setting up interior is consider the space. The whole interior design plans is built by the space. The area between the floor, walls, and ceiling are spaces you need to consider in deciding type of interior design you are going to apply. Small and large spaces need different treatment so it’s not so easy to setting up the space for ideal look.
  • You need to establish unity, contrast, and harmony in planning interior design. The three elements are controlled by the lines. Lines define shapes by three types, they are vertical, horizontal, and dynamic. After lines there is form which is a creation by combining two shapes, accentuated with color, patterns, and texture.
  • To set the entire mood, lighting plays major role. Without proper lighting, everything you have done to color, lines, shapes, pattern, etc will be wasted. With lighting, you can set certain mood and ambience. Interior design can have natural lighting such as from door or window’s smart placement. Light also can be in a form of artificial lighting. Illuminating the space of interior design can be done easily by setting the right lighting.
  • Choosing color and texture is essential for creating ideal interior design. Both acts to establish aesthetic connection between objects and the mood. Both color and texture play important role for resulting wanted feels and looks of interior design. In addition, pattern is needed to add interest to interior design. It adds attractive value defining smooth and ideal transition.

Even though both exterior and interior design have different rules and ways to follow, both need to be synchronized to result in harmonious living space. Matching exterior and interior concept can be a great way to create perfect home. Blend both elements by choosing similar artwork and decorative items. You can blend the style of your house through the choice of furnishing and accent.

Play some tricks with the painting by choosing harmonious colors for both exterior and interior design to create stunning environment. You can also bring exterior decorative items such as plants to the inside. It can create seamless flow for both exterior and interior design. By mirroring exterior features with interior’s, you can create jaw-dropping house which provides ideal environment.

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